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When PursuingPoints.com was founded I knew right away that one of my first orders of business was to launch a podcast dedicated to all things; credit cards, points & miles, and travel. With the Pursuing Points Podcast we’ve done just that. The show generally airs once per week, and while there are episodes in which I choose a single topic to discuss for 20-30 minutes alone, other episodes may include guests eager to share their stories and talk strategies for getting the most out of your points and miles. The goal of the show is simple, provide enough information such that we may all come away from each episode with a little more knowledge of this “game” than we started with.

If you have feedback for the show, suggestions for the future, or guest recommendations please feel free to reach out. I would love to receive your feedback!

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Disclaimer: During the course of the show I may talk about specific financial products. Please be advised that this does not necessarily constitute as financial advice to any specific person. Moreover, I may receive compensation for any and all products mentioned on the show. If you have any questions about this disclaimer please contact us.