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  • Transunion Credit Score 800+

    Obtaining Your Free Credit Score with

    Time and again we’ve published content on that deals with your credit score, how your credit score is calculated, and how you can improve it. Today we’re going to look at how you can obtain your free credit score courtesy of a website I’ve been using more or less since its inception. is […] More

  • Podcast cover art.

    PPP: 006 – Debunking 5 Common Credit Myths

    The world of credit is filled with myths and misinformation. If you’re not careful, taking some of this advice at face value can really hold you back when it comes to taking control of your financial life, specifically your credit score and credit card portfolio. In this episode I invite you to join me as […] More

  • hard vs soft credit inquiry

    Difference between Soft and Hard Credit Inquiries

    In episode 2 of the Pursuing Points podcast my co-host Michael and I talked about how being involved with the credit card points and miles “game” forces you to pay closer attention to your overall financial health. Signing up for, spending money on, and managing your array of credit cards forces you to keep your finger […] More

  • Credit: Facts vs. Myths

    6 Credit Score and Credit Card Myths Debunked

    Over the course of your life it is likely that you’ve received incorrect advice when it comes to both your credit score and credit cards in general. As much as Pursuing Point is about the pursuit of credit card points and miles for use on travel and other redemptions; its also about improving financial literacy […] More

  • credit card cancellation

    Is Cancelling a Credit Card Bad?

    Whenever I tell someone that i’ve recently canceled a credit card, or am planning to do so in the near future the response is almost always something along the lines of; “Thats bad, you should never cancel a credit card.” To someone who is not well versed in how their credit score is calculated, or […] More

  • poor credit score

    5 Ways to Increase a Poor Credit Score

    Having access to credit opens a lot of doors toward getting the things you want. While it is true that using credit cards irresponsibly can be disastrous for your finances, using credit responsibly can help you build a reputation (your credit score) that convinces lenders that they can trust you to repay borrowed money. You […] More

  • elements of fico score

    What is a Credit Score and How is it Calculated?

    Maybe you’re just getting started in the world of credit card miles and points, or maybe you’re a veteran in these parts. Either way, one thing that is crucial to success when it comes to pursuing points is a good credit score. In this post we’re going to talk about what exactly is a credit score, […] More