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    Marriott Premier Plus 50k Upgrade Offer Unlocked

    I signed up for the Marriott Premier credit card last year after seeing an ad on Instagram. The sign up bonus offered 10,000 bonus points for every $1,000 spend in the first year, up to $12,000. Thus, after spending the full $12k you’d end up with 120,000 Marriott points. I jumped at the chance as […] More

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    Declined Transactions Lead to Bonus Points

    Just the other night I was out to dinner in celebration of a family members milestone anniversary. We gathered as a small Italian restaurant in Syracuse, NY (my home town) and spent hours conversing, drinking, and eating. When the time came to pick up the check, I obviously volunteered to pay and let the hosts […] More

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Reserve

    Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. Preferred – Who Wins?

    The Chase Sapphire Reserve has been a daily driver for me ever since I signed up. Back in the Summer of 2016 Chase released the card to great fan fare, and I signed up live on the podcast. The sign-up bonus was a cool 100,000 Ultimate Reward points. That is still the largest sum ever […] More

  • United MileagePlus GO Visa Prepaid Card

    Is United’s Visa Prepaid Card Worth It?

    If you’ve seen ads on Instagram recently from United for their MileagePlus GO Visa Prepaid Card, you’re not alone. I too have seen these ads and it led me to investigate this product further. Released back in the summer of 2017 this product aims to fill two gaps in the marketplace. First, since this is […] More

  • Dubai First Royale Mastercard

    8 of the Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the World

    Some things in life are harder to obtain than others. Rolex is harder than Timex. A mega yacht ¬†is harder than a pontoon boat. A Bugatti Veyron is harder to obtain than a Nissan Altima. The credit cards we’re going to cover today are the Rolex to a secured cards Timex. Some of these cards […] More

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    Wells Fargo Propel Credit Card – Frequently Asked Questions

    If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Wells Fargo Propel Credit Card review first, as that covers the main points of the card. In this article we’re going to look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the card. What¬†constitutes as a “popular streaming service”? The Propel card offers 3x […] More

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    Wells Fargo Propel American Express Credit Card Deep Dive

    I have to say, im in love with the current state of the US credit card market. Competition amongst banks is providing consumers with more options than ever before. While companies like Chase and American Express tend to dominate the conversation, other banks are launching products which are winning over consumers in a big way. […] More

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    12 Reasons the Chase Sapphire Reserve Is Awesome

    If you’re a traveler then you should at least consider adding the Sapphire Reserve to your wallet. Though its annual fee of $450 may raise some eyebrows, the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are some GIFs to help us bring the point home. 1. 3 Points per $1 on Dining Who doesn’t like to eat? […] More

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    Chase Freedom Unlimited Is Losing Some Benefits Come August

    Existing Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders should’ve recently received a secure message detailing the loss of certain benefits. For those of you who’ve not yet checked your secure message account, here is the core of the message: Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance is changing. Starting August 26, you can be reimbursed up to $1,500 per person and $6,000 […] More

  • citi aadvantage platinum select mastercard

    New Citi AAdvantage Benefits Coming Soon

    Citi recently emailed AAdvantage Platinum Select cardholders to inform them of changes coming to the card. Sometimes these emails mean nothing good for the card holder (in the case of a devaluation or removal of benefits), but this update was generally positive. Starting on July 22, 2018 (for existing cardholders) and today for new cardholders, […] More

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