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Recently, Peter Foti of PursuingPoints joined Scott Hawksworth of Soar Payments to talk credit card rewards on PayPod, a podcast all about the business side of the payments industry.

There are still businesses out there that don’t accept credit cards, and as a result miss out on a significant amount of business – both Peter and Scott made the case for why all businesses should be accepting them. The bulk of the interview involves Peter sharing some of his best advice for maximizing credit card rewards. Beyond that, other notable topics covered included:

  • What the mindset of consumers looking to maximize their credit card rewards points is.
  • Peter’s thoughts on the credit card industry in general, and the future of credit card rewards.
  • Why both cards with annual fees and cards without annual fees can offer great options for consumers.
  • The importance of understanding what your “rewards goals” are when signing up for a new credit card.
  • And more!

You can listen to the full episode here. And stay tuned as we’ll be having Scott on our show to talk a bit more about the world of payments and merchant services soon

Written by Peter

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