PPP: 020 – Deep Dive on Dining Programs

Episode 20 includes a deep dive discussion on all things dining programs. Most people have probably never heard of dining programs, we’re here to change that. By signing up and taking advantage you can earn thousands of points/miles or equivalent cash back every year. The best part about these programs is that they’re free to join so theres no reason not to sign up. The process is simple, pick a program, signup, eat out, earn miles. Todays podcast covers that process, as well as credit cards to use with the program, and which programs may be best to signup for.

Show Links

SkyMiles Dining

United Dining

AAdvantage Dining

JetBlue Dining

SkyMiles Dining Overview

Written by Peter


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  1. Thx for podcast…my best use is to keep points alive for my extended family. Easiest way to painlessly add a few points to my kids balances so they are not lost to expiration.

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