5 Best Credit Cards for Millennials

While few can agree on what exactly constitutes a “millennial”, the generally accepted wisdom is that a millennial is someone born between 1982 and 2004. To be honest, its not super important that we nail down the years for the sake of this article. If you’re someone who opts for say Uber over rental cards, AirBnB over hotels, and dining out over cooking at home then you’ve got a little millennial in you, and this article may be for you. In thinking about the judging criteria for this article, we had to come up with some things that we think millennials would value in a credit card. Of course, these are assumptions and generalizations so if they don’t fit what you’re looking for exactly, no worries, we’ve got plenty of other articles and recommendations that may better suit you.

So what are we assuming as we put together this top 5 list?

  1. Annual fees are a no-go.
  2. Things like lounge access and rental car insurance (secondary perks) aren’t as important as earning potential
  3. Earnings should be geared towards things millennials spend money on
    • Travel – Uber/AirBnb
    • Food & Drinks
    • Online Shopping
  4. Cash back is generally more desirable than points or miles
  5. Card should have mobile app for management

The Contenders

With the aforementioned criteria in mind, lets take a look at the contenders for best millennial credit card.

  • Uber Visa Card
  • Capital One Savor Rewards Credit Card
  • Discover It Card
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature
  • Chase Freedom

Written by Peter

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