Earning TrueBlue Points with the JetBlue Badges Program

Gamification was all the craze a few years ago, and while remnants remain, few are as interesting to the modern points pursuer as the JetBlue badges program. Put simply, the program allows users to earn TrueBlue points by completing tasks which earn you badges. Some badges offer TrueBlue points as an added bonus which can definitely impact your bottom line as you earn more and more. As i’ve been trying to decide what my travel will bring for 2018 and beyond, JetBlue has risen to the top of my list as a carrier that I would like to spend more time on.
JetBlue’s Mint offering is something I desperately want to try, and even their regular economy is generally regarded as one of if not the best economy products in North America. For those reasons i’ve started researching ways of earning additional TrueBlue points which is how and why I came across the badges program.

How the JetBlue Badges Program Works

Once you’ve gone ahead and signed up for a TrueBlue account you’re then eligible to join the TrueBlue badges program. The program is a personalized experience where users can earn recognition and rewards for a number of JetBlue related activities. These include but aren’t necessarily limited to flying, interacting with partners, and sharing on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Whats cool about the program is that the Badges website is actually very well done, and its super easy to use. You can browse the entire collection of badges and plot your path towards earning each one without too much effort.
jetblue badges program - how it works

Easy to Earn Badges

So far i’ve only managed to acquire three badges which have earned me a total of 200 TrueBlue points. The badges are; Facebook Friend, Nice to Tweet You, and Welcome. I earned them by connecting my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and going through the initial tutorial. Other badges worth earning that won’t require you to circumnavigate the globe include shopping with Amazon through the TrueBlue portal link, buying or gifting TrueBlue points, and flying during your birthday month. In total there are around 500 badges that you could potentially earn. Not all of them give you TrueBlue points though, so be sure to check before spending a bunch of money in order to unlock the badge.

Travel Badges

After you collect all of the low hanging fruit you’ll then be tasked with actually getting on a JetBlue airplane if you want to continue earning. Once you’re logged in you can go to Badges -> Badge Collection to see a list of all the badges that you could possibly earn. As it pertains to travel specifically, you’re going to have to do a lot of flying if you want to earn any serious TrueBlue points.

For example, JetBlue has a badge for just about every major city that they fly into. You’ll earn this badge after flying to the city just one time. That badge however does not earn you any TrueBlue points. To earn points you’ve got to fly back to the city at least 3x, which will earn you 100 points. Fly there 6x and you’ll earn 500 points, and make it 10x for 1000 points. So if you manage to fly to say Alaska 10x, you’ll earn a total of 1,600 TrueBlue points. To be honest, thats not enough points to make the trip worth it just for the sake of the badge. Its more like a cherry on top if you’re already going to be traveling to and from certain places on a regular basis.

true blue badges - alaska

Badges Not Earning Points

As mentioned, not all badges yield bonus points upon completion. While that might make sense for simple stuff, its somewhat hard to believe for the badges where you’d have to spend a fair amount of time and money to earn. Take for example the “Award Winner” badge. It stipulates that you must “Redeem your points for 10 award flights on JetBlue”, and it yields 0 TrueBlue points. While its possible that you might earn this badge through regular travel, earning the badge with no bonus points doesn’t seem like enough incentive to go out of your way to earn it (at least for me).

true blue award winner badge

Overall Impressions

Given that the program is free to join, I see no reason why everyone should not signup. Moreover, once you’ve signed up it makes a ton of sense to go out and collect all of the low hanging fruit to give yourself a few extra TrueBlue points. Once you’ve done that, I think it makes sense to keep an eye on the badges and points you may earn as a result of the program. However, I do not necessarily see enough value in going out of my way to earn badges if there are better options available on other airlines.


What are your impressions of the JetBlue badges program? Lucrative? Not lucrative? Are you a member? Let us know in the comment section below.


Written by Peter

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