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Have you ever been at a bar with friends extolling the virtues of credit card points and miles? You know the moment when peoples eyes light up when they hear about the adventures you’ve gone on as a result of your fiscal responsibility and careful planning? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take advantage of that on the spot? Now, with the Chase mobile app, you can! In a recent email sent by Chase they’ve outlined how easy it is to refer friends to the credit cards that you’ve already got in your account.

The Process

Its super simple. First you’re going to want to download the Chase mobile app if you haven’t already. Go here for iOS and here for Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’re going to want to login, and chances are that on your first go around you’re going to have to do some additional identity verification stuff. Don’t worry, you should only have to do this once for each new device.

Once you’re logged in and you see a list of your credit cards, go ahead and click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of any card. You’ll see a sheet appear from the bottom with one of the options being to either “Refer Friends” or “Refer Businesses”, select whichever is appropriate.

On the referral screen you’ll have the option of either sending an email with your referral link, or inviting via another method such as SMS text message, or you can just copy a link and send it to a friend another way.

For those with a more visual learning style:


Each card is going to have a different referral bonus, and they also may have different terms as far as how many points you can earn in a given year via referrals. In my account i’ve got the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire Reserver, and Marriott Premier Rewards (as of this podcast). The rewards and limits for those cards are as follows.

  • Marriott Premier Rewards – 20,000 points per referral – Maximum of 100,000 points per year
  • Sapphire Reserve – 10,000 points per referral – Maximum of 50,000 points per year
  • Freedom – $100 cash back per referral – Maximum $500 cash back per year
  • Freedom Unlimited – $100 cash back per referral – Maximum $500 cash back per year

Not Bad!

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve referred your share of friends to the credit cards that you know offer you incredible benefits. With these referral links you can continue to do just that, but now you get to take home a slice of the profits! If you can maximize any of these referral bonuses you’re going to meet or exceed most of the publicly available signup bonuses for these cards. Start referring!

Written by Peter

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