Obtaining Your Free Credit Score with CreditKarma.com

Transunion Credit Score 800+


  1. Neville

    Interestingly enough, I’ve never actually been to the Credit Karma website, but I do have the iOS app which i check obsessively. Based on the information in this article, I’m either not using the app to its full potential, or I’m just missing out on some cool features by not visiting the website. Regardless, I’ve been pretty pleased with CK over the years. Its made staying up-to-date with my credit scores a breeze. It’s very simple and easy to use. Within seconds of logging in the app, I’m able to check my credit scores, the factors used to calculate them, and any recent changes. I’ve skimmed through the credit card recommendations but have found that this section hasn’t been too useful since I 1. Sometimes already have the card(s) they’re advertising to me and/or 2. Are advertising cards which I have no interest in. But with all that being said, I definitely recommend CK for anyone wanting to get a grasp on and stay on top of their finances.

    1. Peter

      Interesting perspective Neville, thanks for the comment! I suspect many folks are like you in that they check the app more than the website. I would say for me its mainly habit that I use the website as much as I do, though their app works just as well. As for the recommendations, my experience is similar to yours in that i’ve never gone on there and seen something I didn’t already have, or something I wasn’t already aware of. Thats not to say they do a bad job of recommendations, just hasn’t hit for me just yet. Will keep checking though!

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