PPP: 009 – Good Cards for Bad Credit and How to Improve Your Credit Score

In this episode we take a look at credit scores, how they can be improved, and some of the good cards for bad credit. This episode was inspired by an iTunes review in which the reviewer said “I wish there was more info geared toward different credit ranges.”. Im glad to have received such a review as these are not typically the products I would find myself discussing on the show. That being said, I realize they’re products that some listeners are probably interested in. We can all use a refresher on how credit scores are derived from time to time, and its good to know that these types of products exist. So thank you iTunes reviewer!


Show Links

How is Your Credit Score Calculated?

5 Ways to Improve a Poor Credit Score

Good Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Tips to Fix Poor Credit – myFico

What is a Secured Credit Card?

Free Annual Credit Report

Experian / Equifax / Transunion

Written by Peter

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