Falling in love with delightful Denver

Fall. Crisp, cool air and pumpkin spice latte. Red, orange, yellow and brown colored leaves falling down from the trees, swirling around until they fall gracefully onto the ground. I got a soft, warm scarf wrapped around my neck, protecting me from the fresh breeze blowing against me. My takeout coffee warms my cold hands and every sip of the hot beverage soothes my throat.

While living in Florida, fall wasn’t quite like that. As a Norwegian, I needed my version of fall, even for just a couple of days. Just enough to fall in love with the season. Just enough to remember the things I don’t like about it. Just enough to realize I might have been romanticizing it all along. Goodbye for now, you lovely sunshine state. Hello Denver, Colorado!

I stayed at The Curtis Denver, a Double Tree by Hilton hotel. The hotel was, as expected, of great standard. I slept like a baby and felt like a princess. Yet another great deal found on thanks to my Genius account benefits.

The Colorado air was just as fresh as the Scandinavian air back home. The sun was shining bright and welcomed me to Denver with a warm hug. I removed my coat and put my sunglasses on before taking a stroll downtown to explore this delightful city.

A bookstore called Tattered Cover Book Store immediately caught my attention. This large indie bookstore and cafe was beyond anything I’d ever dreamed of. It was my definition of cool. It was the hangout spot I never had and always wanted. If I lived in Denver, I probably would have begged them to hire me, just to have an excuse to hang out there all day, every day. Instead, I bought myself five books and two cups of coffee.

I had agreed to meet up with some people from the community and went with them to a few different bars. My favorite one was an art bar which sadly closed for good this year. The drinks were tasty and at a reasonable price, but I decided not to have too many of them. I wanted to be in good shape for my trip to Denver Botanic Gardens the following day.

The Botanic Gardens were amazing. Even more so than I could ever imagine. The outdoor exhibition of artwork by American artist Dale Chihuly was astonishing. The glass sculptures – ranging in size and form – added colors and dramatic beauty to the already beautiful gardens.

I wanted to walk the distance from the Botanic Gardens back to the hotel, and so I did. It was a long, exhausting walk and I was already hungry before I left the gardens. By the time I got back I was starving, and definitely didn’t feel like dining in a restaurant that evening. I ordered room service back at the hotel. A veggie burger accompanied by sweet potato fries. My favorite kind of fast-food.

I got up early the next day to enjoy one last cup of coffee and a few pastries in Backstage Coffee – an artsy local coffee shop – before saying goodbye to Colorado. I found myself a spot by the window so I could people-watch while enjoying my beverage and sweet treats. And just as I took my first sip of the coffee, it started to snow.

Just like the sun had welcomed me a few days earlier, the Colorado snow kissed me goodbye.

Written by Kristene Irene

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