Cocoon Grid-it Organizer Review

Travel accessories are an interesting proposition. On the one hand you really only want to carry things with you that are critical to your travels. No one likes being weighed down by superfluous accessories. On the other hand, good accessories can be the catalyst for allowing you travel in style, more easily, and with less to worry about. Today I want to talk about a new product that I purchased recently which has made managing some of my accessories just a little bit easier. Its called the Grid-It organizer and essentially it is a collection of elastic straps that go in two directions, and they overlap with one another. What it enables you to do is easily package your smaller accessories in a single easy to access way.
General Overview
Available on Amazon for just $24.99, the Grid-It organizer has an infinite number of configuration options. If you look around the internet you will find people using them in all sorts of interesting ways. Its power is in its “random” layout which allows you to mix and match different configurations depending on the size of the items that you’re looking to house. In addition to the grid on the front, it comes equipped with a single zipper pouch in the back for holding onto whatever might not fit in the straps. Lets take a look at how i’ve got mine configured for my everyday travels.
The picture above was taken on the morning of a travel day. So my Grid-It had all of my basic travel essentials organized in a very “glanceable” way. Before the Grid-It I would’ve thrown most of these things in various pockets in my travel backpack but now everything is together in a single place.
List of items in my grid-it organizer (Note: Links are affiliate links)
  1. Zyrtec
  2. Lighting Cable and USB brick
  3. Sunglasses Hut lens cleaner and microfiber cloth
  4. Micro-USB cable
  5. Anker USB charger
  6. Airborne (Crucial for staying healthy on the road)
  7. IKlear electronic screen cleaner
  8. 2 Pens
  9. Electronic Device brush
  10. Back zipper pocket (Not pictured)
    1. IKlear large microfiber cloth
    2. Various other cloths
Im not sure if this is the ultimate configuration for me and my current collection of travel accessories, but its a good start! I plan on tweaking this as I go and as I add more and more items to my backpack (or remove them). Until a Velaxtra cable organizer is in my price range the Grid-It organizer will have to do.
What does your Grid-It setup look like? How could my setup be improved?

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