How to Activate Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits

chase sapphire reserve benefits

In the past 2 months or so the Chase Sapphire Reserve has taken the credit card points and miles world by storm. First there were the rumors, then came the premature application link, and then finally it was released to the world. The card and its current signup bonus represent one of the biggest “gets” in modern points and miles history. In the second episode of the Pursuing Points Podcast I actually applied for the Sapphire Reserve live on the show. Before I did, my co-host and I talked at length about the benefits of the card and how much value you can derive from this product. In addition to the current 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points bonus offer after you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months; the Reserve comes with a number of other great benefits such as:

  • $300 airline travel credit
  • 3x points on travel and dining
  • 50% redemption bonus when redeeming through the Ultimate Rewards portal
  • Priority pass lounge access
  • And more!

Now that we’ve all got our cards I wanted to take a moment and explain how you can take advantage of some of the benefits of your card. You see, just because you’re approved for the card and have it active in your wallet does not mean that all of its benefits are “turned on”. You actually have to go to and follow a few links before everything is activated.

To start head over to and login to your account and choose your Reserve card from the list of your products on the left hand side. Once you’ve selected your card you’ll see a drop down titled “Things you can do”, go ahead and drop it down. Then select the second option which is “Card Benefits”. Once you’ve done all that you should end up on the benefits page which says:


Whether it’s activating your Priority Pass™ Select membership in 1-click or reserving your car rental with a unique code to unlock discounts — get the most out of your travel benefits by taking the simple steps below.

Once you’re on this page you should have six different benefits listed that you can take advantage of by either activating or clicking through for access to a special discount or set of perks.


chase sapphire reserve benefits

  • Priority Pass Select – Priority Pass is a collection of over 900 airport lounges that you’ll have unfettered access to once you activate this benefit on your Chase Sapphire Reserve. If you already have lounge access with a major carrier such as Delta, American, or United then this is a perk you may not use all that often. However, it does not cost anything to activate and thus, you should be sure to take advantage. Better to have access and not need it than need it and not have it!
  • Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check – TSA Pre-Check is one of my favorite programs and one I signed up for about 6 months ago. After completing an online application, in-person “interview” and fingerprinting, and paying $89 you’re all set for 5 years. Pre-Check affords you the ability to breeze through security like the frequent flyer that you are. In my experience the lines are much shorter for pre-check, and they move more quickly because you can take advantage of things like leaving your shoes on or leaving your laptop in your bag. If you’ve got the Reserve you can access either program free of charge. Simply activate it on this page, go through the application process, and once you’re approved you will receive a statement credit equal to the amount that the registration cost you.
  • Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection – While its something i’ve yet to take advantage of the LHRC benefit seems pretty freaking cool! With the program you’re afforded special perks when you stay at over 900 hotels which include things like; breakfast for 2, room upgrades, early check-in’s and more. From the benefits page click on “Explore Hotels” to learn more.
  • Car Rental Privileges – Because the Sapphire Reserve is a Visa Infinite card its users are given special perks with various car rental agencies. From the benefits page you’re able to enroll in the National Car Rental’s Emerald Club Executive Level membership, as well as become a member of Avis Preferred all for free. Simply click on “Get Started” for either program to begin the enrollment process.

chase sapphire reserve car rental benefits


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