PPP: 005 – Personal travel, remote work, and with Rui Bom

Meeting and talking with folks that you might not otherwise get the chance to interact with is one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy having a podcast. On todays episode I am joined by the Chief Marketing Officer for, Rui Bom. As a co-founder of the site Rui and his team have spent the better part of the last four and a half years building a tool that allows you see how many miles you’ll earn when searching for flights on websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity. In our ~30 minutes together Rui and I discuss 30k, how it started, how it works, and its plans for the future. Then we shift gears and talk about Rui’s preferred airlines and his travel schedule. We also touch on how teams can work remotely a bit more effectively.

Show Notes

@30kdotcom on Twitter

A look at the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul

Turkish Airlines

Video overview of the Google Chrome Plugin

Written by Peter

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