Earning 3,500 Delta SkyMiles via SkyMiles Dining

Earning miles for dining out is one of the easiest ways to bolster your mileage balances. Currently SkyMiles Dining is offering a pretty slick promotion through which you can earn up to 3,500 bonus SkyMiles after signing up for a SkyMiles Dining account, and meeting the minimum requirements.

How the Program Works

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If you’re not yet familiar with dining programs, fear not, they’re pretty simple. The first step is to signup for a dining program, in this case I am going to sign up for a new SkyMiles Dining account. During the signup process you will be asked to link a credit card to your account. This card does not have to be anything specific, and in most cases you’ll be able to hookup multiple cards to a single account. Once you’re all signed up its time to start dining out. Each time you visit a restaurant within the dining program’s network you’re able to earn bonus miles which will be credited directly to your account, in this case they’ll get credited to my SkyMiles account. The number of points that you’ll earn will vary based on the program, but in the case of SkyMiles dining they’ve got three tiers:

  • Member – 1 point per $2 spent
  • Online Member – 3 points per $1 spent
  • VIP – 5 points per $1 spent

For details on the various membership levels and how they work, click here.

Offer Requirements

In order to take advantage of this offer, head over here to sign-up and read about the details of this promotion. In a nutshell you’ll need to visit a restaurant within the network within 30 days and post your review online. The bonus offer stipulates that you will earn 500 SkyMiles after your first restaurant visit wherein you spend $30 or more including tax and tip and leave a review on the SkyMiles Dining website. You’ll then earn 1,000 for the second visit, and 1,500 for the 3rd. If you’re a SkyMiles Medallion member your first visit will earn you 1,000 points bringing your potential bonus total to a cool 3,500 SkyMiles.



I for one was not a prior member of SkyMiles dining so I view this as a great opportunity to earn some SkyMiles while I work towards meeting the minimum spend requirements of my new Chase Sapphire Reserve. Whats more, ill be earning 3 points per $1 at each of this visits because of the Reserve’s built in dining bonus.

Total Potential Haul

If I assume that I will make the three required dining trips and spend an average of $30 per trip I will net over 4,000 points and miles total. The breakdown is as follows

  • 90 UR points per $30 dine == 270 Ultimate Rewards Points – 3x per $1 spent on my Sapphire Reserve
  • 90 SkyMiles per $30 dine == 270 SkyMiles – As an “online member” I earn 3 miles per $1 spent through the dining network
  • 3,500 SkyMiles via bonus offer – As a Delta Gold Medallion member I will earn 3,500 through this promotion after 3 successful dines.

Note: This does not take into account the fact that I am effectively earning 25 UR points per $1 spent on my Sapphire Reserve as part of the 100,000 UR point signup bonus.

Written by Peter

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