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The Olympics is the most exciting and happening event of the year and this year it’s going on in a fascinating city in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a dream to visit for everyone who loves travelling, sightseeing, sports, and fun. Rio includes some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes and natural environment the world over. Whats more, the people here are some of the most laid back and fun loving that you’ll ever come across. With that in mind, you’ll want to explore the city while you’re in town for the Olympics. What follows is a list of some of the top spots in Rio for tourists and locals alike.

Lapa Neighborhood

lapa-brazilAfter the whole day at Olympics games and basking in the excitement, move towards the Lapa neighborhood and enjoy your night to the beat of the music. This place is the live example of fun and parties of Brazil, where you will find streets of bars, samba clubs and loud music. Get a little drunk, dance on streets, catch up with pals and learn some samba. Do whatever; just don’t forget to taste the caipirinha cocktail, which is the most famous local liquor.

Tijuca National Park


The natural landscape is the soul of Rio, and you’ll agree to the statement when you visit Tijuca National Park. The park is situated on top of the mountains and is the World’s largest Urban forest till now. This place is a combination of greenery and heights. You can go on top of the biggest peak of Pico da Tijuca and stand between millions of trees; you experience the landscape of Guanabara Bay and the whole city below you. Along with the natural landscape, this place offers the beautiful Cascatinha Waterfall too.


Santa Teresa Neighborhood


The neighborhood is for the fans of arts and history as this place is the home to the history of 10th century. Santa Teresa Neighborhood was built on a hill in the 19th century and still holds the same streets, houses and mansions. The history of this area is kept alive and you can experience it on every corner in the bricks by which the neighborhood was built. The place had been the hub for artists and musicians in the 20th century though now we see more of clubs and parties here. Do visit the place and you will love the combination of old and new.



Copacabana is not a natural beach which you experience all the time. This place is famous for the on-going sports matches as volleyball and baseball where you can participate any moment. The beach has the waves which touch your soul and the landscapes which make you go ooh! At the end of the beach, you will find a Fort Copacabana, which is a military base and a museum which can also be fun to visit.

Jardim Botanico

If you love nature and want to explore it more, Jardim Botanico is the right place for you to drop by. The garden is home to 8000 different species of plants with their descriptions for you to learn. Only the orchids found here are more than 300 along with the species of palm trees. The place is a heaven for flora lovers and provides the fresh air and amazing experience to your day. The garden has also built a small Japanese garden along a pond full of lilies. Jardim Botanico is big, but you would never know where the time flew once you’re inside.

Christ the Redeemer

You would have seen a small glimpse of the statue which is standing atop opening its hands, welcoming you in the city. Ever wanted to visit that? If yes, that’s possible and is one of the most visited sites in Rio. The statue is named as Cristo Redentor and is carved on the top of Corcovado Peak which is 700 meters high. This statue long goes in the history and was built back in 1922. To reach the statue, the trip use to very long but is now shorten by the elevators so more and more tourists can visit one of the most popular statues of the World.

Sugarloaf Mountain

You may have visited many mountains but this one is unique as you will watch it through a cable car. Sugarloaf Mountain is situated 400 meters above Guanabara Bay and is completely made of quartz and granite. For this reason, you can’t land on the mountain but you can still visit it with “bondinho” or “teleférico.” These cable cars have walls of glass and so you can experience the mountain when you reach near it.

Bip Bip

This is a must-visit if you enjoy the coziness, open environment and the PJs environment for fun. This place has always been the favorite of locals and the tourists, even though it’s no big club but a bunch of tables with food and fun. It’s an open environment where anyone can drop by, enjoy the cold nights and the music, dance on the samba beats and make their night fun.

Experiencing the Olympics first hand is already a great experience and then Rio makes it even better. Drop by these amazing places and share how we changes your after Olympics time into fun.

Which of these places have you visited? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Peter

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