All Your “Where to Credit…” Questions Answered

As you start to fly more and more you may start to ask yourself “Where should I deposit the miles that I am earning on this flight?”, can help you with that. For most flyers the simplest solution is to simply let the miles be deposited into the frequent flyer account of the airline they happen to be flying that day. While there is nothing especially wrong with this strategy it could mean that you end up with a collection of low balance frequent flyer accounts none of which can be used to get you anywhere. As an example lets say that you’re going to fly Air France first class from New York to London this summer. That flight will earn you around 3,600 miles on Air France if you chose to deposit those miles into your Flying Blue account. If you’re planning on additional Air France travel then maybe this is what you want. However, if this is a one off then their may be a better option. Enter

Where To Credit Calculator

Using the WTC calculator you can enter your travel plans, in this case LGA->CDG A class and it will provide you with a list of programs into which you can deposit the miles earned for this flight. In addition, it will automatically factor in any bonus that you would earn on the 3rd party airline by depositing your points into their program. Have a look:

Now its important to remember that more isn’t always necessarily better. As with all things points and miles related you want to try and plan for the future whenever possible; meaning that if you’ve got plans to fly on Alitalia in the foreseeable future then maybe thats your best deposit option. It may also be the case that you need just a few more Delta miles in order to put you over the top for that next Delta One seat to an international destination. I personally am looking to accrue Alaska miles at this time for an upcoming award flight so I would opt to deposit the 3,623 miles into my Mileage Plan account.

WTC also includes a Chrome extension which will automatically provide you with these calculations as you search for flights on a variety of travel portals. From the extension description:

Where to Credit shows you the number of miles you could earn on any frequent flyer program! Search for your flights on Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, Cheaptickets,, Wotif, or SNCF, and our Mileage Calculator will show you how many miles you’ll earn for each result. Quickly compare prices and miles to make sure you never miss a mileage earning opportunity again!


Tools like in conjunction with forward thinking about where you want to accrue miles the most is an incredibly powerful combination. Where will your next award flight take you? Have you used WTC before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on or Twitter @pursuingpoints.



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  1. If you’re into this, definitely worth checking an alternative chrome extension ( Way more complete than wheretocredit (includes elite bonus, all types of miles, upgrades,…). It costs $20/year, but well worth the additional value you get if you ask me.

    • Paul – thanks for the comment. I’d never heard of before but will check it out for sure and perhaps do a review on this site. Thanks!

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