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PPP: 006 – Debunking 5 Common Credit Myths

The world of credit is filled with myths and misinformation. If you're not careful, taking some of this advice at face value can really hold you back when it comes to taking control of your financial life, specifically your credit…
PursuingPoints.com Podcast cover art.

PPP: 003 – Whats in my Wallet?

Building off of the success of our last episode, this episode focuses on theĀ 11 credit cards that I currently have in my wallet. In recent blog posts i've talked about doing a credit card inventory every so often to decide…
PursuingPoints.com Podcast cover art.

PPP: 001 – Earning Delta Gold Medallion Status

Welcome to the first ever PursuingPoints.com Podcast! In this episode I talk about earning Delta Gold Medallion status as well as touch on plans for future podcasts. The episode is right around 20 minutes in length and I really hope…