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UFC 202 / Las Vegas Trip Report

Las Vegas is one of my favorite travel destinations, the energy of the strip is unmatched by any other destination, in my opinion. The reason for this particular visit is UFC 202 which was slated to be on one of…

Earning 3,500 Delta SkyMiles via SkyMiles Dining

Earning miles for dining out is one of the easiest ways to bolster your mileage balances. Currently SkyMiles Dining is offering a pretty slick promotion through which you can earn up to 3,500 bonus SkyMiles after signing up for a SkyMiles Dining… Podcast cover art.

PPP: 003 – Whats in my Wallet?

Building off of the success of our last episode, this episode focuses on the 11 credit cards that I currently have in my wallet. In recent blog posts i've talked about doing a credit card inventory every so often to decide…
credit card cancellation

Is Cancelling a Credit Card Bad?

Whenever I tell someone that i've recently canceled a credit card, or am planning to do so in the near future the response is almost always something along the lines of; "Thats bad, you should never cancel a credit card."…