PPP: 010 – Applying for the American Express Platinum Card

In this episode I apply for the American Express Platinum Card live on the air. Lets just say that the results are a bit more interesting than the time I applied for the Sapphire Reserve on the podcast. Give it a listen and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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  1. robertw Reply

    I just heard your podcast on the AMEX Plat. There are times when the bonus has been 75K-100K in the past. Anyway you can get the Mercedes Benz AMEX plat. I cant see why you would not get the bonus from the Mercedes Branded card. You never had this card before. Annual fee is 475.00 is it is 25.00 more. I have Delta Reserve and Platinum-mostly for MQMs. Only do the Delta reserve if you can make the 60K spend if you ask me. Because you get 30K bonus miles on top of the MQMs. Delta reserve gets you in Delta clubs but guests have to pay. Unless they are on an International first class itinerary.

    • Peter Reply

      Robert – I hadn’t thought about the MBPlat card, that might be a good idea for me. I’ve often considered the Reserve but to hit the $60k would be 100% of my spend on that card, and even then it might be a stretch. Club access is a big deal for me so if something like the MBUSA card didn’t work out then id either go for the Reserve or just buy a club pass for the year. I will look into the MBUSA card a bit more and if I decide to apply I will do it on a podcast!

      Thank you for your feedback.


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